Rescue Dogs

We occasionally have a “rescue” Cavalier available for placement into the right home.

The term “rescue” does not necessarily mean that a dog has been abused, neglected or poorly treated. In the several instances that we have had involving Cavaliers it has been just the opposite. It has generally been health issues concerning the human caregivers that have forced them to make the hard decision to give up their beloved canine companion.

When we bring a rescue dog into our home, the first thing that happens is a trip to the veterinarian for a complete health and dental checkup. The cost of a rescue Cavalier is usually what its veterinarian expenses have been.

We then generally keep the dog for at least two months so that we may completely evaluate its behavior, temperament and idiosyncrasies…this helps to insure placement into a suitable new home. A home “inspection” is required before placing a rescue dog.

We are members of and Oregon coordinator(s) for American Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Rescue Trust. There are certain parameters set forth by this organization that a new rescue home must meet, if you call about a rescue dog, these will be covered in detail.

Rescue dogs come in all shapes ,colors and sizes. Our experience with rescue dogs has been interesting, fun and quite rewarding for all parties involved (especially the Cavaliers).